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  Linda and I met Janet Licate in 1993 when we were starting back in Maltese. We had stopped breeding and showing Maltese due to illness. Linda bought Candlewyck  Mystical Star (Misty) from Janet on January 12, 1995. Linda wanted to add a quality female Maltese to the excellent foundation Maltese that we had acquired from Luke Ehricht in the fall of 1993.



She had seen Misty’s father, Ch. Villa Malta’s Kimba Stardust (Kimba). He has a beautiful head and Linda was a headhunter. Again, Linda was right on track with her breeding program. Misty is the mother of Ch. Lin-Lee’s Magic Star Maker (Star), Ch. Lin-Lee’s Magic Star General (Soldier), Ch. Lin-Lee’s Magic Shooting Star (Shooter), Ch. Lin Lee’s Ringo Star



(Drummer), Ch. Lin-Lee’s Magic Tiny Star (Peanut), Lin-Lee’s Magic Star Delight (Dolly), Lin-Lee’s Make Me A Star (Holly) and Linlee’s A Thousand Stars (Twinkle Star).  Janet was like the sister Linda never had. Janet and Linda would talk for hours and hours on the phone. They also went to dog shows together. Linda, our wonderful friend Hutch, and I met Janet at other dog shows. Janet is very much like Linda and I. The thing that is most important to her is to see that all her dogs have very good loving homes.


Janet breeds for the betterment of the breed. She is retired and spends almost all her time caring for her Maltese. Janet has bred forty five Maltese Champions. I have never met anyone that keeps more records on their dogs than Janet.  When my beloved Linda died on May 10, 2002, after a very long illness, Janet came to help me through a very difficult time.   Janet also came to my home on August 16, 2002. This was Linda’s birthday and would have been our 33rd wedding anniversary. Janet and I co-own Ch. Lin-Lee’s Magic Shooting Star. Shooter could not be in a better home. 




Janet finished nine AKC Champion Maltese in 2004.  Liz Walker and I had four of Janet's Maltese that finished in 2004.   We are all working together and helping each other.





Janet is also working with Gary and Kathy Sanginet, pictured on the right with "Caper". 


Janet received the American Maltese Association (AMA) "Maltese Breeder of the Year for 2004", on September 11, 2005 at the AMA Awards Dinner in Kansas City.

Janet is helping me to keep my beloved wife’s hobby and the Lin-Lee Maltese legacy going forward, Janet is a “Wonderful Friend.”     


H. Lee Coleman
"Lin-Lee Maltese Exclusively"
New Eagle, PA (USA) 15067